School of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Two pathways in the School of HASS:

Arts, Humanities & Design: In the Arts, Humanities, and Design pathway students will develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the breadth of human experience through many different mediums and the study of people and societies. Students can express themselves through dancing, singing, creative writing, music, and acting, but also explore the world through history, literature, philosophy, film, animation, and the lens of a camera. Students in this pathway will develop skills to not only express themselves and unleash their imaginations that will shape culture and society, but to explore the world and deepen their appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us.

Education, Society & Human Services: In the Education, Society, and Human Services pathway students will explore how people learn and grow into individuals, how they make decisions, and how their experiences, their history, and their heritage can shape the way they view the world. Students in this pathway will develop the skills needed to understand, communicate, and appreciate the diversity of the society we live in, and enter careers that will shape our community and the world around us.