Scholarship Information

首先支付你的费用和任何未偿还的余额. If

Scholarship Information

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VVCCD Foundation



The Foundation serves as the primary repository for scholarships used by students at Victor Valley College. 为了表示对捐赠者意愿的尊重 and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, this policy will govern the acceptance and establishment of scholarships with the Victor Valley College District Foundation.

在接受和设立奖学金方面, the Foundation will attempt to ensure that all funds received constitute a scholarship as defined below. Scholarships must be fully paid in advance by the donor and accepted by the Foundation prior to student use.

  • Scholarship: A financial award, 符合适用的监管机构, 促进个别学生的教育.
  • Scholarship Fund: A named account to which multiple donors may contribute for scholarships governed by specific criteria.
  • Scholarship Donor: 为奖学金提供资金的个人或组织.
  • Scholarship Recipient: 获得奖学金的Victor Valley College的学生.

Any scholarship funds intended for deposit with the Foundation received by any department at Victor Valley College shall be delivered to the Victor Valley College District Foundation for review before being made available for student use. The Foundation will provide applicable departments with written details about this scholarship policy for distribution to student scholarship recipients.

当基金会收到打算用作奖学金的捐款时, the Foundation staff will evaluate the validity of the gift by reviewing of known donor stipulations and applicable regulations.

If no donor instructions are either submitted with the scholarship or already on file with the Foundation, the scholarship will be subject to the Foundation’s standard criteria until such time as written instructions are received from the donor. 通知捐献者标准标准的信件将连同收据一起寄给他们.


  • 资金只能用于学费, books, 与他们在维克多谷学院的专业相关的费用和用品.
  • 费用不会直接预支给学生.
  • 偿还给学生需要收据,证明批准使用资金.
  • Scholarships balances will be automatically released by students when more than 366 days have passed from the date of the last disbursement. Dormant scholarship balances will be transferred to the Foundation’s Scholarship Award fund for distribution to other Victor Valley College students.

Once validated, copies of all pertinent information will be sent by the Foundation to the Financial Aid and Bursar’s offices confirming the availability of funds for student use. No funds should be released to or used by the student until this process has been fully completed.

基金会工作人员将在5个工作日内完成对收到奖学金的审核. If any question exists about the validity of the scholarship the staff will submit details to the Foundation’s Investment Finance Committee for review and acceptance. 在这种情况下,接受可延迟30天.

设立奖学基金, 哪个是为了接受来自一个或多个捐赠者的多次捐赠, requires the completion a Fund Establishment Form and a Scholarship Criteria Form and must be authorized by the Foundation Executive Committee before deposits will be accepted. 所有由基金会管理的基金都受基金会管理政策的约束.

If the Fund is intended to be (or become) an Endowment it shall also be subject to the provisions in the Foundation’s Endowment Policy (FP-3).

Disbursement & Dissolution

The Foundation serves as the primary repository for scholarships used by students at Victor Valley College. 为了表示对捐赠者意愿的尊重, 遵守监管机构的规定,满足学生的经济需求, this policy will govern the disbursement and dissolution of scholarship funds held by the Victor Valley College District Foundation.


  • Funds equal to or in excess of the disbursement request must be available on deposit with the Foundation for the person making the request.
  • 奖学金申请必须附有学生的签名原件.
  • The purpose of the disbursement must be within the guidelines for use established by the donor or in the absence of such within the Foundation’s standard disbursement criteria
  • 报销申请必须包括原始收据或类似的文件.
  • Disbursements, allowed by the donor, 学费以外的费用, fees, books and required supplies will be permitted only after the drop date has passed and the student’s continued enrollment is verified.

Scholarship funds will be held for student use by the Foundation until one of the following transpires:

  • 捐款人设定的最后期限过去了
  • 根据捐赠者设定的标准,学生将没有资格获得该奖项
  • 从最后一次付款之日起已经过了366多天

赠与人另有约定的除外, unused scholarship funds will be transferred to the Foundation’s Scholarship Award Fund and the student will have no further claim to them. 然后,基金将可用于奖励其他学生. The Foundation’s Scholarship Award Fund is subject to all Foundation Policies concerning named funds including the Foundation’s Stewardship Policy.

Students who wish to access scholarship funds on deposit with the Foundation shall visit the Bursar’s office to request a disbursement. 财务主管将向学生提供奖学金发放申请表. 此表格必须由学生签名,并随附所需文件. 财务主管将把这些请求转交给基金会.

The Bursar may issue vouchers against a student scholarship fund for purchases at the college of tuition, books, 费用及相关用品. In this case, the Foundation will pay the college upon receipt of an invoice detailing the student scholarships charges.

收到付款请求后, the Foundation staff will review criteria for the scholarship to ensure the request complies with the scholarship donor’s wishes. Provided the request complies with criteria and sufficient funds exist on deposit with the Foundation, 工作人员将根据基金会的财政政策准备支票. 认识到学生资助申请的紧迫性, the Foundation will deliver disbursements to the Bursar within 15 business days for distribution unless other delivery instructions exist. 如有可能,学院发票将在30天内汇出.